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18:58 - 23/10/2014


tattoo1 tattoo2 tattoo5 tattoo3 tattoo4

I want to do this for real. But…

07:55 - 22/10/2014

Street Style inspirAsians – Seoul Fashion Week SS15

streetsnaps-seoul-fashion-week-2015-spring-summer-part-1-23 streetsnaps-seoul-fashion-week-2015-spring-summer-part-1-22 streetsnaps-seoul-fashion-week-2015-spring-summer-part-1-21 streetsnaps-seoul-fashion-week-2015-spring-summer-part-1-20 streetsnaps-seoul-fashion-week-2015-spring-summer-part-1-19 streetsnaps-seoul-fashion-week-2015-spring-summer-part-1-18 streetsnaps-seoul-fashion-week-2015-spring-summer-part-1-17 streetsnaps-seoul-fashion-week-2015-spring-summer-part-1-16 streetsnaps-seoul-fashion-week-2015-spring-summer-part-1-13 streetsnaps-seoul-fashion-week-2015-spring-summer-part-1-12 streetsnaps-seoul-fashion-week-2015-spring-summer-part-1-11 streetsnaps-seoul-fashion-week-2015-spring-summer-part-1-10 streetsnaps-seoul-fashion-week-2015-spring-summer-part-1-09 streetsnaps-seoul-fashion-week-2015-spring-summer-part-1-08 streetsnaps-seoul-fashion-week-2015-spring-summer-part-1-07 streetsnaps-seoul-fashion-week-2015-spring-summer-part-1-06 streetsnaps-seoul-fashion-week-2015-spring-summer-part-1-05 streetsnaps-seoul-fashion-week-2015-spring-summer-part-1-04 streetsnaps-seoul-fashion-week-2015-spring-summer-part-1-03 streetsnaps-seoul-fashion-week-2015-spring-summer-part-1-02


Photos: fashioninspirasians.com/ Streetper for Hypebeast

08:20 - 21/10/2014

Pretty Wasted

models-pretty-wasted-interview-magazine05 models-pretty-wasted-interview-magazine04 models-pretty-wasted-interview-magazine03 models-pretty-wasted-interview-magazine02 models-pretty-wasted-interview-magazine01 models-pretty-wasted-interview-magazine06 models-pretty-wasted-interview-magazine07 models-pretty-wasted-interview-magazine08 models-pretty-wasted-interview-magazine09 models-pretty-wasted-interview-magazine10

Photos: fashiongonerogue

Anja, Edita V., Daria, Andreea & Lily for Interview Magazine.

05:55 - 17/10/2014

Alexander Wang x H&M Fashion Show

F-101614-wang _DSC1043 _DSC1013 _DSC0990 _DSC0970 _DSC0944 _DSC0901 _DSC0890 _DSC0879 _DSC0857 _DSC0838 _DSC0825 _DSC0773 _DSC0749 _DSC0735 _DSC0729 _DSC0713 _DSC0706 _DSC0694 _DSC0667 _DSC0634 _DSC0620 _DSC0586 _DSC0563 _DSC0546


Photos: style.com

19:20 - 16/10/2014

Hana Jirickova x Vogue Germany

IMG_2511 309183-800w 309184-800w 309185-800w 309186-800w 309187-800w 309188-800w 309189-800w 309190-800w 309191-800w

Photo: models.com

22:10 - 14/10/2014



Lovely breakfast at Whyred at Teatergrillen

DSC00921 DSC00923  DSC00924

Love the men’s collection of Whyred SS15. This Why Red sweater is my favorite!

DSC00927 DSC00930

Kamilla looking at the women’s collection

DSC00932 DSC00939

Me and Roland Hjort, the head designer of Whyred


Looooove. i want them now for fall

DSC00948 DSC00950 DSC00951DSC00953

Shawty what your name is?


Delicious food from El Taco Truck at A.W.B

DSC00959 DSC00963

Gram shoes

DSC00965 (kopia)


DSC00968 DSC00970 DSC00971

Italian Gelato


Love the silver details of these Ted Bakers shoes

DSC00980 DSC00987

Trying out Anna Karin Karlsson sunglasses


I want this one from Louis Vuitton


If you are using the Baudelaire , i might fall in love with you. Smells so good.



Swedish designer Rodebjer in a collaboration with Pamela Love!!!! I want those earrings!!!!

Thank you ModinÅkerlind, EvaHelena PR, RmPr, Vass Pr, A.W.B, Patriksson Communications and Whyred for a fun pressday!

21:31 - 14/10/2014

Love Is A Verb

DSC01019 DSC01018 DSC01008

Jacket-Rag & Bone/Scarf-Louis Vuitton/Bag-Louis Vuitton/Pants-Cubus/Sweater-Rodebjer/Boots-Alexander Wang

06:50 - 14/10/2014


Skärmavbild 2014-10-14 kl. 08.42.16

Skärmavbild 2014-10-14 kl. 08.40.00

Student party. Like my drunky tattoos?

Skärmavbild 2014-10-14 kl. 08.39.51 Skärmavbild 2014-10-14 kl. 08.39.45

Me and Charlotte

Skärmavbild 2014-10-14 kl. 08.39.26 Skärmavbild 2014-10-14 kl. 08.39.43 Skärmavbild 2014-10-14 kl. 08.39.40 Skärmavbild 2014-10-14 kl. 08.39.35 Skärmavbild 2014-10-14 kl. 08.39.31 Skärmavbild 2014-10-14 kl. 08.39.19

Bought these earrings at a flea market for 10kr!

Skärmavbild 2014-10-14 kl. 08.39.22 Skärmavbild 2014-10-14 kl. 08.39.24

Sorry for the lack of posts. It has been so much going on the last weeks.

I was visiting my friend this weekend in Lund. I had so much fun. It was my first time also. Thank you so much Charlotte for having me there!

17:18 - 06/10/2014

Monday’s Cravings


07:59 - 06/10/2014

Anja Rubik x Vogue Paris

anja-rubik-cozy-knitwear01 anja-rubik-cozy-knitwear05 anja-rubik-cozy-knitwear07 anja-rubik-cozy-knitwear04 anja-rubik-cozy-knitwear03 anja-rubik-cozy-knitwear09 anja-rubik-cozy-knitwear10 anja-rubik-cozy-knitwear08 anja-rubik-cozy-knitwear02

Photos: fashiongonerogue


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