Acatalepsy – Jack Hardwicke

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pena20 penar2 pena19 pena18 Penaf64 pena17nd pena11a-2 dreamcatcher Jon+Bennet+Tat

Erin Wasson x So It Goes Magazine

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studded-hearts-erin-wasson-hugh-lippe-so-it-goes-magazine-issue5-cover studded-hearts-exclusive-erin-wasson-hugh-lippe-so-it-goes-magazine-issue5-1 studded-hearts-exclusive-erin-wasson-hugh-lippe-so-it-goes-magazine-issue5-2 studded-hearts-exclusive-erin-wasson-hugh-lippe-so-it-goes-magazine-issue5-3 studded-hearts-exclusive-erin-wasson-hugh-lippe-so-it-goes-magazine-issue5-4 studded-hearts-exclusive-erin-wasson-hugh-lippe-so-it-goes-magazine-issue5-5 studded-hearts-exclusive-erin-wasson-hugh-lippe-so-it-goes-magazine-issue5-6 studded-hearts-exclusive-erin-wasson-hugh-lippe-so-it-goes-magazine-issue5-7 studded-hearts-exclusive-erin-wasson-hugh-lippe-so-it-goes-magazine-issue5-8 studded-hearts-exclusive-erin-wasson-hugh-lippe-so-it-goes-magazine-issue5-9 studded-hearts-exclusive-erin-wasson-hugh-lippe-so-it-goes-magazine-issue5-10 studded-hearts-exclusive-erin-wasson-hugh-lippe-so-it-goes-magazine-issue5-11 studded-hearts-exclusive-erin-wasson-hugh-lippe-so-it-goes-magazine-issue5-12 studded-hearts-exclusive-erin-wasson-hugh-lippe-so-it-goes-magazine-issue5-13 studded-hearts-exclusive-erin-wasson-hugh-lippe-so-it-goes-magazine-issue5-14


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1378733_10155372880785570_4083998834061000709_n tumblr_n45cezhMmB1qd5wgqo1_250 tumblr_nd5j51w8Ul1qd5wgqo1_250 tumblr_ni0pymK14c1qcpurso1_250 tumblr_njhnw0tRTT1qj73e2o1_250


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image1 image2


Love my new black body from Wolford!

Sunny Sunday

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sthlm3 sthlm1 sthlm2

Jacket-Bikbok/Pants-H&M/Sneakers-Nike/Bag-Miu Miu/Top-Kenzo/Headphones-Marshall/Sunglasses-Komono





Stockholm lived in the sunshine yesterday.

One Day..

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tumblr_mzo4n3wcIq1r3uaszo1_500  tumblr_nklusojRWy1r09f27o1_500 O-Victorias-Secret-Swim-2-Cover-Image victorias-secret-swim-models-2015-04 victorias-secret-swim-models-2015-03 tumblr_nhxcr6he2V1r09f27o1_500 tumblr_mvw1e7pYZ01s2p87so1_500 tumblr_myfc60UHDu1spjf12o1_500 tumblr_n63k76HiqF1sqhjvzo1_500nike crop top  BOHO


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28:2-2 28:2

Wearing Top-HunkyDory/Jeans-Cubus/

Victoria’s Secret Swim Special 2015

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swim-special-dtop-bts-6-hr swim-special-dtop-bts-5-hr swim-special-dtop-bts-4-hr swim-special-dtop-bts-3-hr swim-special-dtop-bts-5 swim-special-dtop-bts-4 swim-special-dtop-bts-3 swim-special-dtop-bts-2victoria-secret-swin-puerto-rico-backstage-09victoria-secret-swin-puerto-rico-backstage-07victoria-secret-swin-puerto-rico-backstage-04victoria-secret-swin-puerto-rico-backstage-03victoria-secret-swin-puerto-rico-backstage-02

Photos: VS & Vogue

Are you ready for beach 2015?

Behind the scenes pictures of the shooting in Puerto Rico. Watch the Victoria’s Secret Swim Special 2015 HERE

Dreaming Away

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tumblr_nhd3w70Q0C1r09f27o1_500 tumblr_njko89nOL51r09f27o1_500 tumblr_njkpb14E751r09f27o1_500 tumblr_njzuap6gO31rmfv8to1_500 tumblr_nk1no5zs7X1rmfv8to1_500 tumblr_nk3sj4h3Cn1rmfv8to1_500 tumblr_n1aftl437f1riilq7o1_500  tumblr_ms7hg6FZ1U1rsbxkto1_500 tumblr_nk2t26Ua8q1rsuch2o1_500 tumblr_nihmv1Yo0f1qbt27go1_500


Photos: tumblr

Elsa Hosk x Marie Claire Italia Feb 2015

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Elsa-Hosk-By-David-Bellemere-For-Marie-Claire-Italia-February-2015-2 Elsa-Hosk-By-David-Bellemere-For-Marie-Claire-Italia-February-2015-11 Elsa-Hosk-By-David-Bellemere-For-Marie-Claire-Italia-February-2015-10 Elsa-Hosk-By-David-Bellemere-For-Marie-Claire-Italia-February-2015-8 Elsa-Hosk-By-David-Bellemere-For-Marie-Claire-Italia-February-2015-7 Elsa-Hosk-By-David-Bellemere-For-Marie-Claire-Italia-February-2015-6 Elsa-Hosk-By-David-Bellemere-For-Marie-Claire-Italia-February-2015-5 Elsa-Hosk-By-David-Bellemere-For-Marie-Claire-Italia-February-2015-12 Elsa-Hosk-By-David-Bellemere-For-Marie-Claire-Italia-February-2015-1 Elsa-Hosk-By-David-Bellemere-For-Marie-Claire-Italia-February-2015-13 Elsa-Hosk-By-David-Bellemere-For-Marie-Claire-Italia-February-2015-3

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Beauty 2 weeks ago Fanny Nord

I’d like to celebrate the arrival of the spring by presenting this breathtaking scent from Diptyque. “Do Son” is Spring in a bottle. “Divinely mysterious tuberose unveils its powers of seduction on a bed of berries and flowers.” And not to speak about the design of the bottles. I could decorate my whole apartment with […]

Beauty 2 weeks ago Alexandra Aronsson

Spring is coming! What better way to welcome spring than with a glowing face and sun kissed body? With the price worthy products I am telling you about here you easily achieve just that. There is also a product that has all you need for your eyes and brows, a real space saver for your […]

Wellness 3 weeks ago Fanny Nord

The remains of Christmas and Easter holidays won’t leave you just because it’s officially over. It’s time to get sweaty and to stop with the “I’ll start on Monday“. Everyone can find a way to work out and to help you out, we have been stalking the supermodel Kelly Gale and here is what she is doing to […]

Beauty 3 weeks ago Alexandra Aronsson

I have so many talented and creative colleagues! I thought that I should interview some of them for Beauty Department and find out about their favorite products and some of their tips and tricks. First out is Teresa Grundin. Since 1999 she has been working as a make up artist for model agency Mikas. In […]

Fashion 3 weeks ago Sofia Chowdhury

You might know Emma Elwin from the editorials and campaigns credited as the stylist putting together the thought-through looks, or maybe as the blogger introducing the half tucked-in denim shirt-skinny jeans combination into your wardrobe? From Freshnet (yeah!), via Swedish Elle she has now landed on her own website focusing on sustainable fashion. It comes […]

Wellness 3 weeks ago Sofia Chowdhury

It’s the beginning of April, how is that fitness resolution going? Just a friendly reminder. Hitting the gym is not only for those who have a short-term goal to get in shape in time for summer or for those who seem to have it as a life goal to gain as much muscles as possible. It’s simply […]

Beauty 3 weeks ago Alexandra Aronsson

I love easter! It is one of my favorite holidays actually, it means spring is coming and I get to see my family and friends, eat a lot of delicious food, drink some wine and just chillax. And then, of course, there are the easter eggs. This year instead of an egg full of candy […]

Fashion 4 weeks ago Sofia Chowdhury

We all know that even the tiniest bit of leather can be crazy expensive. But hey, for this Spring you do not have to break the piggy bank to get your hands on a cool 70’s suede skirt! The high street chains have gotten in to the game and have served us a splurge-friendly variety of this seasons it-item so […]

Beauty 4 weeks ago Alexandra Aronsson

Now that the fashion weeks for Fall are over, maybe we can concentrate one minute on what in for this Spring? I have chosen out a my favorite beauty-looks from the Spring 2014 shows that will most likely (or hopefully!) be seen in our surroundings too!   Eyeliner There are always eyeliner in some way every season […]