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Love my new black body from Wolford!

Sunny Sunday

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sthlm3 sthlm1 sthlm2

Jacket-Bikbok/Pants-H&M/Sneakers-Nike/Bag-Miu Miu/Top-Kenzo/Headphones-Marshall/Sunglasses-Komono





Stockholm lived in the sunshine yesterday.

One Day..

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tumblr_mzo4n3wcIq1r3uaszo1_500  tumblr_nklusojRWy1r09f27o1_500 O-Victorias-Secret-Swim-2-Cover-Image victorias-secret-swim-models-2015-04 victorias-secret-swim-models-2015-03 tumblr_nhxcr6he2V1r09f27o1_500 tumblr_mvw1e7pYZ01s2p87so1_500 tumblr_myfc60UHDu1spjf12o1_500 tumblr_n63k76HiqF1sqhjvzo1_500nike crop top  BOHO


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28:2-2 28:2

Wearing Top-HunkyDory/Jeans-Cubus/

Victoria’s Secret Swim Special 2015

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swim-special-dtop-bts-6-hr swim-special-dtop-bts-5-hr swim-special-dtop-bts-4-hr swim-special-dtop-bts-3-hr swim-special-dtop-bts-5 swim-special-dtop-bts-4 swim-special-dtop-bts-3 swim-special-dtop-bts-2victoria-secret-swin-puerto-rico-backstage-09victoria-secret-swin-puerto-rico-backstage-07victoria-secret-swin-puerto-rico-backstage-04victoria-secret-swin-puerto-rico-backstage-03victoria-secret-swin-puerto-rico-backstage-02

Photos: VS & Vogue

Are you ready for beach 2015?

Behind the scenes pictures of the shooting in Puerto Rico. Watch the Victoria’s Secret Swim Special 2015 HERE

Dreaming Away

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tumblr_nhd3w70Q0C1r09f27o1_500 tumblr_njko89nOL51r09f27o1_500 tumblr_njkpb14E751r09f27o1_500 tumblr_njzuap6gO31rmfv8to1_500 tumblr_nk1no5zs7X1rmfv8to1_500 tumblr_nk3sj4h3Cn1rmfv8to1_500 tumblr_n1aftl437f1riilq7o1_500  tumblr_ms7hg6FZ1U1rsbxkto1_500 tumblr_nk2t26Ua8q1rsuch2o1_500 tumblr_nihmv1Yo0f1qbt27go1_500


Photos: tumblr

Elsa Hosk x Marie Claire Italia Feb 2015

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Elsa-Hosk-By-David-Bellemere-For-Marie-Claire-Italia-February-2015-2 Elsa-Hosk-By-David-Bellemere-For-Marie-Claire-Italia-February-2015-11 Elsa-Hosk-By-David-Bellemere-For-Marie-Claire-Italia-February-2015-10 Elsa-Hosk-By-David-Bellemere-For-Marie-Claire-Italia-February-2015-8 Elsa-Hosk-By-David-Bellemere-For-Marie-Claire-Italia-February-2015-7 Elsa-Hosk-By-David-Bellemere-For-Marie-Claire-Italia-February-2015-6 Elsa-Hosk-By-David-Bellemere-For-Marie-Claire-Italia-February-2015-5 Elsa-Hosk-By-David-Bellemere-For-Marie-Claire-Italia-February-2015-12 Elsa-Hosk-By-David-Bellemere-For-Marie-Claire-Italia-February-2015-1 Elsa-Hosk-By-David-Bellemere-For-Marie-Claire-Italia-February-2015-13 Elsa-Hosk-By-David-Bellemere-For-Marie-Claire-Italia-February-2015-3


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Sónar Stockholm 2015

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DSC09652 DSC09660


Roll the dice



DSC09665 DSC09666 DSC09675 DSC09686

Lorentz and Say Lou Lou







DSC09693 DSC09696 DSC09703 DSC09705 DSC09708



DSC09709 DSC09718 DSC09720 DSC09722

Jamie xx



DSC09725 DSC09738




DSC09742 DSC09745 DSC09748 DSC09753 DSC09756




DSC09760 DSC09763 DSC09764 DSC09771 DSC09779 DSC09787 DSC09790 DSC09792


Paul Kalkbrenner

Photos and video by me

Sónar Stockholm took place at Stockholm Waterfront Congress Center. I had such an amazing time there!

Sbtrkt, Paul Kalkbrenner, Kindness, Jamie XX, Tokimonsta, Lorentz, Elliphant and more..

Valentino SS15 Campaign

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Vanessa-Hedvig-Maartje-Grace-And-Clementine-By-Michal-Pudelka-For-Valentino-Spring-Summer-2015-6 Vanessa-Hedvig-Maartje-Grace-And-Clementine-By-Michal-Pudelka-For-Valentino-Spring-Summer-2015-7 Vanessa-Hedvig-Maartje-Grace-And-Clementine-By-Michal-Pudelka-For-Valentino-Spring-Summer-2015-5 Vanessa-Hedvig-Maartje-Grace-And-Clementine-By-Michal-Pudelka-For-Valentino-Spring-Summer-2015-9 Vanessa-Hedvig-Maartje-Grace-And-Clementine-By-Michal-Pudelka-For-Valentino-Spring-Summer-2015-13 Vanessa-Hedvig-Maartje-Grace-And-Clementine-By-Michal-Pudelka-For-Valentino-Spring-Summer-2015-1 Vanessa-Hedvig-Maartje-Grace-And-Clementine-By-Michal-Pudelka-For-Valentino-Spring-Summer-2015-10 Vanessa-Hedvig-Maartje-Grace-And-Clementine-By-Michal-Pudelka-For-Valentino-Spring-Summer-2015-4 Vanessa-Hedvig-Maartje-Grace-And-Clementine-By-Michal-Pudelka-For-Valentino-Spring-Summer-2015-14 Vanessa-Hedvig-Maartje-Grace-And-Clementine-By-Michal-Pudelka-For-Valentino-Spring-Summer-2015-2


Photos: studdedhearts

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Beckmans x Carin Wester  A Film by Karin Bellander, Veronika Larsson and Sara Rutberg. “Our two characters share the space through a split screen. They are both occupied with a search after something undefined, which they are carrying out in their own personal way. In the beginning you only get a cropped version of their presence, since the […]

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Oh, Dolce & Gabbana how I love how the two of you portrait mothers! Because that is what Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2015 was, a celebration to mothers. Classy, sexy, elegant and very feminine mothers. A winged eyeliner and red lips a messy undo with hair accessories. We have seen it before but it never […]

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Missoni followed the stream this season and did as all of the big names – aimed for the seventies. While the others took inspiration from the fashion, Missoni Fall 2015 really reminded us of the interior colors and the retro furniture. The colors looked like they were taken straight from a sofa in a retro […]

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Alberta Ferretti Fall 2015 made an extended version of Wednesday in The Addams Family. Girly yet not girly. Imagine her in her early twenties, just discovered Dracula red and playing with lace details. The collection over all felt old-fashioned in a good way. A cocky side of the 18th century. The common thing were the thigh-high […]