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18:50 - 14/05/2013

Summer Must Have



Collage by me


1/Mango 2/BLK DNM 3/Zara 4/Balenciaga 5/Rock n Blue 6/Gina Tricot 7/H&M 8/Mango

Yes! A summer must have for me is a leather jacket! I really really need a good one for this summer. My all time favorite one is the Balenciaga leather jacket, i want it so bad..but almost 20 000 kr?..

Otherwise, the similar one, the first one from Mango. Which one do you like?

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Armella Mea- 2013/05/15 at 08:34
Number 5 is my style:) but I like them all. http://armellamea.blogspot.com/
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