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19:49 - 15/08/2013

Adidas Originals Fall 2013

Originals_FW13_21x297cm-2 Originals_FW13_297x21cm-1 Originals_FW13_21x297cm-1 Originals_FW13_297x21cm-2

I was so happy when i got this job for Adidas Originals. I worked with the Swedish singer/rapper Malcolm B. The collection is inspired by the cheetah. My favorite is the outfit in the first picture, especially the jacket, i want it!

YouTube Preview Image


What do you think?

Photo: Viktor Flumé/Styling: Decida/Make up: Sophia Eriksen/Hair: Linda Shalabi

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James Realmwalker- 2013/08/20 at 00:41
Oh, I'm not jealous at all for you getting to shoot with Malcolm B, great behind the scenes as well :D
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