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22:37 - 29/10/2013

Photoshoot – Berlin Day 1 & 2

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We have day 3 left tomorrow and then the photoshoot is  done! But, so far, i have so much fun. The whole team is so nice! And we are shooting on locations so we are going by car together.

But the most funny of all, is that i’m working with this beautiful Swedish girl, Mathilda Bernmark who also is a blogger here at freshnet (www.heygia.freshnet.com). First time working in Berlin and i have Swede company! Today at day nr 2 the whole team had a Korean BBQ dinner together. So goooood! But now is time for me to sleep, because we have been working all day and the weather here is cold and windy so a warm bath and warm bed is what i need right now..

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James Realmwalker- 2013/11/03 at 05:10
I really do hope that you'll be providing the lot of us with links, since the locations must've been awesome! And even though the Korean BBQ is awesome, the trip in itself must've been a blast :D
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