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21:06 - 21/01/2014

Back to Black

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Hat-Tiger of Sweden/T-shirt-Urban Outfitters

I did this. I thought i would keep my blonde hair for a while, but my hair couldn’t fight the bleaching anymore. Plus, being a blonde Asian is way too mainstream now. Almost every Asians i see (on instagram or blogs) have bleached their hair. So lets start over, lets say; blonde Asian is so last year. Black brings sexy back!

I did my hair at Claque La Mouche, a very special and cool saloon at Gamla Stan (Old City) here in Stockholm. Mariana was the one who colored my hair.

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claudia- 2014/01/22 at 10:40
Love that tee! http://trendenciesblog.wordpress.com https://www.bloglovin.com/blog/11447055/trendencies
Lili- 2014/01/21 at 23:03
You looked great in blond and you look gorgeous in black!
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