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22:02 - 04/03/2014

Schwarzkopf-Essential Looks 2014

SKP_ICT_EL14_CandyDandy_OverView_800x574_COM SKP_ICT_EL14_Candy_Miu_800x574_COM-2YouTube Preview Image

(Click on the last picture for the video)

So yes.. Here is the reason why i cut my hair in November. I did this job for Schwarzkopf in Hamburg and got the pink hair as well, if you remember? See more of it HERE

I always get green eyeshadows, i don’t know why. The thing is that i hate having green eyeshadows, because i was a cheerleader when i was about 7 years old in Thailand. My neighbor got me some make up and she chose the green color on my eyes. When i went to school, the boys in my class made fun of me by saying that it looked like someone just punched me in the eyes. That made me so sad, haha!

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Martine Sorthe- 2014/03/05 at 06:36
Haha it kind of looks good anyway, green is a great color to your skin tone.
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