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10:06 - 16/03/2014

Black & White

IMG_1413 IMG_1323 IMG_1336 IMG_1342 IMG_1409 IMG_1405


Blazer-2nd Day/Shirt-Zara/Shorts-Zara/Bag-Chanel/Boots-Alexander Wang

Haha, there’s something about these pictures that make me looks even more Asian. Maybe it’s the make up? I put on a new brown lipgloss (never use it nowadays). Whatever..

I just put on my favorite shorts because the weather is still good here!

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claudia- 2014/03/16 at 23:37
So cute! Love the shorts and the boots! http://trendenciesblog.wordpress.com https://www.bloglovin.com/blog/11447055
milex- 2014/03/16 at 18:08
oh wow!
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