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21:05 - 24/04/2014



Yaay! Finally got these. Back to 90′s again no? (So comfortable!)

08:38 - 17/04/2014
Thursday’s Moodboard



Photos: tumblr & google // Collage by me

21:15 - 11/04/2014
Summer’s Must Have

sui he stylevans

This outfit of Sui He in Paris is just right for Summer 2014. Rolled up boyfriend jeans and “vans” sneakers. Relax and comfortable!

(Forget about me writing in Swedish, i have no time for that haha!)

16:22 - 08/04/2014
Models and their tattoos

models with tattoos


Photos: google // Collage by me

Ni vet ju att jag skaffade min andra tattuering för några veckor sen. Jag vill redan ha en till, hehe. Tattueringar har blivit vardagsmat om man kan säga så. Och jag beundrar alla dessa modeller med deras personliga tattoos.

Vad tycker ni om tattueringar?


You all may know that i got my second tattoo a few weeks ago. I want another one already, hehe. I admire all these supermodels and their personal tattoos.

What do you think about tattoos?

06:44 - 07/04/2014
Monday’s Cravings


20:51 - 31/03/2014
All Eyes On Malaika Firth

malaika-firth malaika-firth-looks


Collage by me

2013 was a Malaika Firth year. This 20 year old Kenyan born/British model landed a Prada campaign last year. After that all the work just rolled in and she ended 2013 with a walk on the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show! Such a real beauty with a relax style.

07:54 - 24/03/2014
Monday’s Cravings



Collage by me


08:40 - 19/03/2014
Moodboard – Inspiration



Photos: tumblr, pinterest // Collage by me

08:34 - 10/03/2014
Monday’s Craving


09:03 - 05/03/2014
Chanel Fall 2014 – Details


Photos: // Collage by me

Genius as hell. The set at the show was made up as a shopping market. But the best part for me is all these accessories and bags, especially the bags! Brand new Chanel bags wrapped in plastics/packages and the Chanel-Chain baskets (Come on, so good! I want one!). One of the best show! It makes the whole show so much funnier to watch.

And you can look that fabolous when going to the shopping market too, if you only want to haha.


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