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20:38 - 23/07/2014
All Eyes On Lais Ribeiro

lais-ribeiro lais ribeiro look

Collages by me

Lais Ribeiro (23) is a Brazilian model, who also works for Victoria’s Secret.

I love her natural beauty and envy her long legs. She’s for sure another Brazilian favorite.

07:46 - 19/07/2014
Saturday’s Moodbard


Photos: tumblr

13:53 - 14/07/2014
Monday’s Craving


13:22 - 02/07/2014
Wednesday’s Craving


06:52 - 18/06/2014
Temporary Tattoos


I was going to order this metallic gold temporary tattoos from Jacquie Aiche ( 20 dollar for these is fine, because i love temporary tattoos and especially when it comes to look like real jewelry. Jacquie Aiche has a lot of beautiful pieces but they cost way too much.

But then when i came to the shipment selecting. 20 dollar became 110 dollar including the shipping to Sweden ! 110 dollar for a temporary tattoo is also way too much. So sad though.. I really want them!

11:53 - 04/06/2014
Wednesday’s Moodboard


Photos: tumblr // Collage by me

19:17 - 01/06/2014
All Eyes On Lindsay Wixson

lindsay wixson getherlook

Photos: google // Collages by me

Known for her lips, tooth gap & dimples, you have already seen her everywhere. Her style is mixed. But i would say “young girl” vs. “old lady”. Its like stealing some of the clothes from your grandma. Am i right? I’m so bad to explain things..

10:14 - 27/05/2014

pradasunglasses diorsoreal pradasunglasses1 diorsoreal1

I have two favorites sunglasses that i use a lot. It’s my Miu Miu and the Ray Ban wayfarers. I start to get sick of them. Have found two new ones that i would like to buy. Prada’s and Dior’s So real shades. Can’t buy both, which one do you think i should have?

11:44 - 17/05/2014
Saturday’s Moodboard


Photos: tumblr // Collage by me

06:12 - 12/05/2014
All About Strappy Bikinis

strappy-bikinis strappy-bikinis2

Collages by me

For me Summer 2014 is all about strappy bikinis. That’s what i’m going to wear. I haven’t had time to look for the best one yet. But while i was doing this collages for you i’ve found a lot of gorgeous strappy bikinis. Especially from Victoria’s Secret and Free People.

But remember, don’t sunbathe because the tan will be strappy, hehe.

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