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09:06 - 04/04/2014
New In

louis vuitton scarf louis vuitton scarf2


Har använt den svarta och bruna så mycket så de är helt noppriga nu. Dags för en ny som är blankare i svart/grå.

Tänkte dessutom återgå till att skriva på svenska också, då jag kan formulera och uttrycka mig lite bättre.


I have been using the black and the brown one so much, they are like torn out now. Time for a new one, more shiny in black/grey.

I’m going to start to write in Swedish as well, because it’s easier for me to explain things. If you notice that the English sentences are very short, use Google translate hahaha. But i’m gonna do my best. Because actually i’m not a “writing blogger” at all..


11:04 - 18/03/2014
Earrings Cravings

spike earrings cordelia earrings acne


I have finally found a cheaper version of Pamela Love’s five spikes earrings! They are from Cubus! They look so damn good when you have them on.

Next buy is this Cordelia Silver Earring from Acne Studios. Looks gigantic and heavy. I wanted to try them on first before buying it, but they don’t have it in any stores here! Only on the website! I supposed it’s a clip on, so i don’t want it if it hurts after a while..

14:35 - 15/02/2014
Anouck Boots

IMG_0046 IMG_0031 IMG_0066 15-2 IMG_0199 IMG_0132 IMG_0208


Jacket-Rag&Bone/Knit-Oasis/T-shirt-Cubus/Jeans-Zara/Belt-H&M/Boots-Alexander Wang/Scarf-Louis Vuitton/Blazer-2nd Day

70 % off is almost like heaven right? Both the boots and the jacket was 70% off at Schuterman. I love the heels of these Anouck boots and when i walk there is almost no sound. They are so quiet and comfortable!

The jacket is nice too. I can take off the sleeves, and TADAA! I have a vest.

21:00 - 30/01/2014
Worst Behavior

IMG_9455 IMG_9473  IMG_9532 IMG_9504 IMG_9505 IMG_9480 IMG_9522 IMG_95132


Cardigan-Gina Tricot/Tshirt-Cubus/Finger bracelet-Cubus/Pants-Sand/Belt-Rules by Mary/Bag-Chanel/Boots-Acne

I have always wanted a finger bracelet. But most of them are just way too much details, but this one is just perfect (or almost, it’s a little bit too big for me) and cheap! It’s from an old collection so i got this for 14kr! I bought two, in silver and this one in black. Suits perfectly with my Boy bag huh?

20:38 - 15/01/2014
These Boots Are Made For..

15-1 IMG_9228 IMG_9244 IMG_92372 IMG_9246 IMG_9286 IMG_9272


Sweater-Hope Sthlm/Jeans-BLK DNM/Boots-Tiger of Sweden/Bag-Alexander Wang!

First time i wore them on was about one year ago when i was at Tiger of Sweden head-office and did a job for their sell/buyer showroom. And i asked them when the boots will be available in store, they were like “in Autumn”. It is for AW13-14 collection, but they are on sale now so i went totally crazy for size 38! They are lovelyyyyyy!

13:33 - 14/01/2014
Shine Bright Like A Diamond

image-3 image-2


Having your own apartment is such a waste of money. But seriously, i couldn’t resist this one. A halogen bulb designed by Eric Therner as a diamond.

The box is also cute, very vintage and simple.

21:07 - 20/11/2013
New Fur

IMG_7217 IMG_7218 IMG_7221 IMG_7225 IMG_7229


Fake fur – & Other Stories/T-shirt-Cubus/Blazer-H&M/Jeans-Zara/Belt-H&M/Boots-Isabel Marant/Bag-Alexander Wang

I wanted to put this fur from & Other Stories on my wish list for Christmas, but it’s so cold and i need a new coat right away. The fur is dark blue , but it looks like black on the pictures. I bought it in size 36, don’t want it to be too tight because there will be more layers when the winter comes..

11:23 - 21/09/2013
Favorite Things

IMG_6086 IMG_6112 IMG_6125 IMG_6118 21-9 IMG_6153 IMG_6159 IMG_6202 IMG_6232


Blazer-H&M/T-shirt-Vogue Paris/Jeans-Zara/Boots-Zara/Bag-Chanel/Rings-YSL and Line&Jo/Sunglasses-Ray Ban

Feels good to be home again! The weather is so much better here than in Paris. Just rain over and over again. I finally found my silver YSL ring in size 5! I had been searching for it for years! But i bought the purple one as well, couldn’t resist..

And Chanel Boy Bag.. Don’t have words for it. It’s so beautiful! My dream bag! The medium size was sold out everywhere, so i got the smaller one.

19:35 - 03/09/2013

IMG_5409 IMG_5432 IMG_5495 IMG_5499 IMG_5577 IMG_5474 3-9 IMG_5539 IMG_5551


Sweater-BikBok/Skirt-Zara/Shoes-Zara/Bag-Miu Miu/Sunglasses-Ray Ban/Rings & Earrings-Line & Jo

New skirt, new shoes and new ring! I’ve been working so much lately so it was time to spoil myself.

20:34 - 08/08/2013
Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen x Bik Bok

IMG_4104 IMG_4109 IMG_4113 IMG_4118 IMG_4126IMG_4131IMG_4137 IMG_4140


I never thought i would have the chance to see them in real life. So thank you ModinÅkerlind!

I went in with the press and Ariana and Annie from freshnet. The twins then talked about what inspired them, but i didn’t hear anything because i was too busy holding my iPhone (filming) and my Canon in the other hand (taking photos), haha! They were so sweet, and it was so nice to see them. They have been a huge inspiration for me, and still are. I couldn’t take my eyes of them!

Then they let all the other costumers in ( a lot of them were young girls) and the whole store turned to chaos. So i bought the white sweater (the one Ashley is wearing) and a shirt.

See more from the collection HERE!


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