Fashion Networks x Gant Rugger Party

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Me & Ten are getting wet on our way to the party


I’m a burger queen

P1050703 P1050705 P1050707

My favorites, James & Ten (

P1050709 P1050716



Mucho gente!


So many people!

P1050721 P1050722 P1050724 P1050726

Stop and stare!

P1050728 P1050732

Gorgeous Rebecca and her friend

P1050733 P1050734  P1050739

James, me & Hanna

P1050741 P1050742 P1050743 P1050749

Lets dance all night!

P1050755 P1050759 P1050760 P1050762

Beautiful! Gonna miss her!

P1050764 P1050771  P1050773 P1050775 P1050777 P1050780

Fashionable Ten, check out his blog



At Nosh & Chow


Thank you Fashion Networks and Gant Rugger so much for a super fun Friday night at Kungliga Borgen and after party at Nosh & Chow!

Super Normal Super Models

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wmag2 wmag5 wmag3 wmag6 wmag7 wmag4 wmag8 wmag


Photos: wmag

Love the first picture and the one on Kate Moss so much! Shot by Mert & Marcus.

New Camera – But which one?

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I need a little help.

I need a new camera. A smaller one. That fits in my handbag. And easier to use. I’m so sick of carrying around my big Canon.

So, do you know which one is the best to buy?

Miuccia Wears Prada

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IMG_8205 IMG_8193 IMG_8234 IMG_8174 IMG_8171 IMG_8266 10-8

Jacket-Mango/Shirt-Second Femme/Shorts-from Thailand/Sunglasses-Prada/Bag-Prada/Shoes-Zara


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kräftis1 kräftis5 kräftis4 kräftis3 kräftis2

I had such an amazing evening yesterday. During August its “Kräftskiva” time. Which means that you eat a lot of crayfish! We were on a rooftop and it was a perfect day with candy cotton sunset, and lots of balloons in the sky. Too bad i left my camera at home, so all of these pictures are from my instagram: @miuccia

Insta Crush

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tumblr_n9tq747tr11qiqbj6o10_1280 tumblr_n9tq747tr11qiqbj6o8_1280 tumblr_n9tq747tr11qiqbj6o6_1280 tumblr_n9tq747tr11qiqbj6o9_1280 tumblr_n9tq747tr11qiqbj6o7_1280 tumblr_n9tq747tr11qiqbj6o4_1280 tumblr_n9tq747tr11qiqbj6o3_1280-2

Photos: www.fashioninspirasians/@gypsyone

Japanese/Hawaiian/Puerto Rican babe, Jenah Yamamoto, is so stunning. Blonde hair, tattoo sleeves, freckles, a perfect body and also a photographer. Her photos on instagram are so stunning and inspiring. Seriously, she’s the one that makes me want to get a boob surgery! I want to look good in bikinis too, if i have boobs i’ll totally living my life in binikis only. Like Jenah! Haha!

In This Skin

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My beauty tools:

1) Sasha Juan, Intensive Hair Oil (For my extremely dry hair)

2) L’Occitane Lavender Hand Cream (I love lavender)

3) Dr. Hauschka Day Cream (Thin cream for daily use, and my face like it)

4) Nivea Shower Oil (The smell is the only reason why i use this, my mom used to use this as well, give me a childhood memory)

5) Embryolisse Face Cream (I only use this during night time, it’s too thick for my oily skin) 

6) Dove Body Lotion (Cheap)

Joan Smalls for Free People’s August Issue

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free-people-bohemian-joan-smalls-shoot14 free-people-bohemian-joan-smalls-shoot13 free-people-bohemian-joan-smalls-shoot12 free-people-bohemian-joan-smalls-shoot11 free-people-bohemian-joan-smalls-shoot10 free-people-bohemian-joan-smalls-shoot09 free-people-bohemian-joan-smalls-shoot08 free-people-bohemian-joan-smalls-shoot07 free-people-bohemian-joan-smalls-shoot06 free-people-bohemian-joan-smalls-shoot05 free-people-bohemian-joan-smalls-shoot04 free-people-bohemian-joan-smalls-shoot03 free-people-bohemian-joan-smalls-shoot02 free-people-bohemian-joan-smalls-shoot01

Photos: fashiongonerogue

Free People, why you want to make me go Bohemian?

Outfits – Throwback

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2979894_lookbook 3083261_lookbook 3090913_lookbook 3106580_lookbook 3154769_lookbook 3162014_lookbook 3185076_lookbook 3229536_lookbook 3299889_lookbook 3484594_lookbook3420434_lookbook3121411_lookbook3169724_lookbook

Throwback time to when i used to be a blondie. Here are some of my outfit pictures. Which one do you like?

Irina Shayk – Hercules

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This beautiful woman, Irina Shayk (supermodel and girlfriend of soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo) is features in the Hercules movie.

I saw the movie last week and was very disappointed about her role in the Movie. She plays Megara, Hercules’s wife, but appeared in the movie like only 1 minute. Hahah. Anyway, she was still beautiful in the movie, i want to look like an ancient goddess too.



Beauty 2 days ago Alexandra Aronsson

Everyone loves a bargain and when you find something that is both price worthy and good for your skin you really hit the jackpot. Like REN Rosa Centifolia Express Make-up Remover, €14- a 3-1 product that works as a cleanser, make-up remover and facial toner in one. A milky formula that feels soothing and smooth on […]

Culture 6 days ago Sofia Chowdhury

EDITION X is the name of the New Era x Foot Locker collaboration releasing a series of limited edition snapbacks starting Feb. 26. The first collection Xclusive NE 001 dropping today consists of four handmade 59FIFTY and 9FIFTY caps in a monochromatic palette with the team logos of the NY Yankees, LA Dodgers and Brooklyn Nets. Available at […]

Culture 1 week ago Sofia Chowdhury

Beckmans x Whyred A film by Caroline Andersson & Nathalie Hallman “We are Caroline Andersson and Nathalie Hallman, graduates at the Visual Communication programme at Beckmans College of Design. Our roles in the making of the short film Scarlet Vice have been art directors, writers, producers, investorsand overall visionaries. Scarlet Vice is our last big […]

Beauty 1 week ago Alexandra Aronsson

When seeing the make-up for Marc Jacobs Fall 2015 there is no doubt that this Fall will be all about the nineties. The pale matte skin, bushy eyebrows and bold matte lips -it is like travelling 20 years back in time. To get the right matte effect, intesity of colour and contour of the lips […]

Fashion 1 week ago Fanny Nord

Adidas are celebrating Adidas Superstars 40th celebration and to celebrate, the Sneakersnstuff x adidas Superstar made a “Shades of White” collection. “The most common tone of white in Stockholm houses and apartments has a little but of a mix between eggshell and grey in it.” The Sneakersnstuff x adidas Stan Smith “Shades of White” features […]

Fashion 1 week ago Fanny Nord

In celebration of their shared passion for music, motorbikes and the art of making, the two British designers epitomize daring craftsmanship through innovative fashion design. The design ended up as a strictly limited edition leather biker boot, made from the finest quilted Italian calf leather with solid metal and rubber detailing. Unisex! “Since the day we opened the doors to the […]

Fashion 1 week ago Fanny Nord

JustFab, formerly JustFabulous, is an online subscription fashion retailer that carries selections of shoes, handbags, jewelry, and denim. It offers a personalised shopping experience based on members’ indicated fashion preferences. We spoke to Gerrit Müller, the President of JustFab Europe and asked him about the JustFab concept. How did it all start? – We saw […]

Culture 1 week ago Sofia Chowdhury

Beckmans x Cheap Monday A film by Simon Jung Krestesen & Jens Löfgren ” We both have a strong focus on film and started the year coming back from internships with filmmakers in USA, Simon in New York and Jens in Los Angeles. We knew early on that we wanted to team up for this fashion […]

Beauty 2 weeks ago Alexandra Aronsson

The glue-on colourful leather-eyeliner from Spring 2015 as seen on Fendi has moved and got another texture. At Ohne Titel a caviar beaded plum eyeliner below the waterline was shown. While James Kaliardos, make-up artist at the Rodarte Fall 2105 show, chose a liner of Swarowski stones that he attached to the midsection below the waterline. […]