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19:20 - 15/07/2014

Set For Life

IMG_7197 IMG_7239 IMG_7273 IMG_7287 IMG_7247 IMG_7308 IMG_7249


You may recognize the leather jacket already. Just bought it, and i love it! Seriously, no more leather jacket for me! This is the perfect one!

13:53 - 14/07/2014

Monday’s Craving


12:34 - 14/07/2014

Streetstyle Inspirations

061614_Tommy_Ton_Menswear_Fashion_Week_Street_Style_slide_146 061614_Tommy_Ton_Menswear_Fashion_Week_Street_Style_slide_144 061614_Tommy_Ton_Menswear_Fashion_Week_Street_Style_slide_162 061614_Tommy_Ton_Menswear_Fashion_Week_Street_Style_slide_158 061614_Tommy_Ton_Menswear_Fashion_Week_Street_Style_slide_156 061614_Tommy_Ton_Menswear_Fashion_Week_Street_Style_slide_153 061614_Tommy_Ton_Menswear_Fashion_Week_Street_Style_slide_172 061614_Tommy_Ton_Menswear_Fashion_Week_Street_Style_slide_169 061614_Tommy_Ton_Menswear_Fashion_Week_Street_Style_slide_164 061614_Tommy_Ton_Menswear_Fashion_Week_Street_Style_slide_194 061614_Tommy_Ton_Menswear_Fashion_Week_Street_Style_slide_189 061614_Tommy_Ton_Menswear_Fashion_Week_Street_Style_slide_187 061614_Tommy_Ton_Menswear_Fashion_Week_Street_Style_slide_180 061614_Tommy_Ton_Menswear_Fashion_Week_Street_Style_slide_179 061614_Tommy_Ton_Menswear_Fashion_Week_Street_Style_slide_178

Photos: style.com

08:02 - 13/07/2014

Singha Beer Thank You Party

IMG_7083 IMG_7151 IMG_7086

Me and P’ Ice


IMG_7088 IMG_7093 IMG_7094

I failed. Pam won rice! Haha!


Sweet P’ Ton


My all time favorite, Miss J. P’ James

IMG_7141 IMG_7137 IMG_7162 IMG_7170

Happily with a new phone!

IMG_7175 IMG_7179 IMG_7188 IMG_7193


I attended the Singha Beer Thank You Party during Friday Night at Hotellet here in Stockholm. They had invited a Thai actor/comedian/singer called Teng (the guy with the glasses in the last picture). Sorry but i don’t know who he is, but he seemed so popular among the Thai people who was there.

It was free Singha beer all night and Thai food too. And then they had lotto. Pam won first a mobile phone from Sony Experia (she always has luck, she also won rice haha). But then, they yelled out nr 61 and i couldn’t believe my ears. I won also a 50″ TV from Philips! And later my mom & dad too! Crazy! But thank you!


07:24 - 13/07/2014

Sommarloppis @ Trädgården

sommarloppis2 sommarloppis1 sommarloppis

Yesterday i had a flea market (?) with my friend Pam at a place call Trädgården. It’s usually like a club/place you can hang out. The place is right under a bridge. It was my first time there ever, seemed like a nice place. The flea market is at Saturdays during Summer. So we were really lucky with the weather.

And sorry (again) for being so bad at posting here. I don’t think i told you guys that i have vacation now. So i try to enjoy so much of it as i can.

07:35 - 08/07/2014



Feels like Jennifer Lopez in her “Ain’t It Funny” music video hahaha


The make up and hair was made by sweet Pari



You want to stand under my umbrella ella ella eeey?

Yesterday was one of the hottest day here in Stockholm. I did a Fall editorial outdoor. Imagine how much i sweat! Not gonna complain but it was hot!

But it was amazing too having the opportunity to be outdoor than in a studio.

18:41 - 03/07/2014

Black Kenzo

IMG_5236 IMG_5214 IMG_5208 IMG_5233 IMG_5238

Sweater-Kenzo/Shorts-Rut&Circle/Bag-Chanel/Shirt-Ralph Lauren/Sandals-Carin Wester x Gram

17:31 - 02/07/2014

Candice Swanepoel for Free People July 2014 Catalogue

candice-swanepoel-free-people-2014-2 candice-swanepoel-free-people-2014-1 Style: "studiololo" candice-swanepoel-free-people-2014-4 candice-swanepoel-free-people-2014-5 Style: "High Contast B&W" Style: "studiololo" Style: "studiololo" Style: "studiololo" candice-swanepoel-free-people-2014-10Photos: fashiongonerogue

Love this! I want to go bohemian at once!

13:22 - 02/07/2014

Wednesday’s Craving


07:12 - 29/06/2014

What About White & Black

IMG_5160 IMG_5143 IMG_5155 123 IMG_5147

Hat-Tiger of Sweden/Top-Rut & Circle/Pants-Acne/Sandals-Din Sko/Necklace-Cubus

Found these Acne pants on sale. It’s one of the most comfortable pair i have. Love the baggy of it.

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