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07:36 - 14/06/2014

Barbara Bui Resort 2015

Bui_019_1366.450x675 Bui_020_1366.450x675 Bui_017_1366.450x675 Bui_016_1366.450x675 Bui_015_1366.450x675 Bui_013_1366.450x675 Bui_009_1366.450x675 Bui_008_1366.450x675 Bui_006_1366.450x675 Bui_004_1366.450x675 Bui_002_1366.450x675

Photos: www.fashioninspirasians.com

I feel like i don’t need “Summer” anymore when looking through the Resort 2015 collection of Barbara Bui. The black color, the blazer, the shoes… I want the whole collection!

18:38 - 12/06/2014

Freja Beha Erichsen x Russh Magazine June/July 2014

freja-beha-erichsen-russh-magazine-2014-1 freja-beha-erichsen-russh-magazine-2014-2 freja-beha-erichsen-russh-magazine-2014-3 freja-beha-erichsen-russh-magazine-2014-4 freja-beha-erichsen-russh-magazine-2014-5 freja-beha-erichsen-russh-magazine-2014-7 freja-beha-erichsen-russh-magazine-2014-8 freja-beha-erichsen-russh-magazine-2014-9 freja-beha-erichsen-russh-magazine-2014-10 freja-beha-erichsen-russh-magazine-2014-11

Photos: thefashionography

Cant’t get enough of Freja.

17:38 - 12/06/2014

Paris – Day 4 & 5 + Disneyland

IMG_4557 Love my new sunnies from Prada IMG_4528 Pam & Patrik IMG_4542 IMG_4546 Dinner time! Real French food; French Fries! Hehe IMG_4579 IMG_4615 IMG_4641 IMG_4492 IMG_4507 IMG_4674 IMG_4690 IMG_4694 IMG_4712 IMG_4722 IMG_4740 IMG_4769 IMG_4775 IMG_4778 IMG_4822 IMG_4828 IMG_4880 IMG_4913 IMG_4925 IMG_4953 IMG_4959 At day number four, we spent it by walking through the streets of Paris. Shopping, eating etc. The last day was Disneyland. We had bought tickets for 2 parks, Disneyland Park & Disney Studios. We began with the main Disneyland Park (so big and a lot of people). It was beautiful, and one thing did surprised me most of all, was how clean the park was. Anyway, it was fun. Though you had to wait for like 60min or more for all the attractions. If you’re lucky, maybe 30-45 min. For a sunny day like the one we had, it was terrible. I wanted to meet Mickey Mouse, but it was 60min line for that too.. And there were no Disney figures walking through the park either. I saw them when it was time for the parade. After the parade vi only had about one hour to spend at the other park, Disney Studios. It closed at 7pm! (so early). We just walked through it and went to try the Twilight Zone (i think it’s called like that), some kind of elevator attraction. It was really fun, and scary haha.   Anyway, here is a video through our trip in Paris.


09:24 - 11/06/2014

Paris – Day 2 – Versailles

IMG_4249 IMG_4273 IMG_4281 IMG_4284 IMG_4291 IMG_4295 IMG_4296 IMG_4297 IMG_4306 IMG_4312 IMG_4313 IMG_4328 IMG_4346 IMG_4352 IMG_4373 IMG_4397 IMG_4410 IMG_4427 IMG_4465 IMG_4487


We spent our second day at the Palace of Versailles. The weather was very good as you can see, but it was way too hot and so many people. But it was beautiful, all the details and paintings in the Palace, and also the big big garden.

Both me and Pam are wearing Ida Sjöstedt for Monki collection. Very suitable for this day, we almost melt in with the Palace haha.

18:42 - 06/06/2014

Paris – Day 1

IMG_3863 IMG_3892

All these gorgeous buildings! Here outside Place De L’Opera.

IMG_3910 IMG_3907

I just had to.

IMG_3923 IMG_3926

Lunch at Jardin des Tuileries

IMG_3996 (kopia)

It was a bit cold so i changed my outfit.

IMG_4004 IMG_4006 IMG_4044 IMG_4058 IMG_4074 IMG_4092 IMG_4154 IMG_4155 IMG_4168

My favorite spot at Pont Alexandre III


Me & Pam outside Notre Dame. It’s her first visit here.


In line for some delicious ice cream


View from Musee D’Orsay



Inside Musse D’Orsay

First day we went to do some shopping and then we headed to the Eiffel Tower just to take some pictures. This is the fourth time i’m here in Paris so all the  tourist attractions are not prio. But we then went to the Musee D’Orsay, there was a lot of paintings, paintings and paintings..

22:45 - 05/06/2014



..in Paris!

I don’t have time really to fix the pictures. But here is one from today on our way to the Eiffel tower. Stay tuned!

11:53 - 04/06/2014

Wednesday’s Moodboard


Photos: tumblr // Collage by me

19:17 - 01/06/2014

All Eyes On Lindsay Wixson

lindsay wixson getherlook

Photos: google // Collages by me

Known for her lips, tooth gap & dimples, you have already seen her everywhere. Her style is mixed. But i would say “young girl” vs. “old lady”. Its like stealing some of the clothes from your grandma. Am i right? I’m so bad to explain things..

18:28 - 31/05/2014

Say HAYlo

Processed with VSCOcam with se3 preset Processed with VSCOcam with se3 preset Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset


New chairs from the Danish design brand , HAY.

18:24 - 29/05/2014

What You Know

IMG_3789 IMG_3791 IMG_3792 IMG_3802 IMG_3814 IMG_3831 IMG_3782 IMG_3786 IMG_3766

Blazer-H&M/Top-NLY Trend/Shorts-Zara/Shoes-Bikbok/Bag-Givenchy/Sunglasses-Cubus

I love my new top from NLY Trend. Perfect for Summer! I wish my hair was longer so i could feel more bohemian with this top on.